cropped-twin-sistersHello and welcome.  I can’t begin to express how excited I am to be doing what I am doing through HD Professional Development! The path to now has been paved by my endless curiosity and my innate passion for personal and professional growth. This venture has came about through tremendous advocacy and support from my community of friends, family and colleagues. I have invested my heart, intellect and time into launching for 3 sole beliefs: First, when we are heard and given space to tell our story of who we are and where we come from, we begin to set the foundation for our own self advocacy. Secondly, access is not easily afforded to everyone. Thus, it is important to cultivate a support system and network that can help you navigate life’s obstacles with confidence. Finally, without the right information we are forever enslaved by an endless cycle of unnecessary feelings of hopelessness. This is why I feel strongly about implementing effective strategies with clients in order to promote long lasting self-advocacy, support and access. 

My History    

I began working at a young age. Thanks to my father who fostered my little entrepreneurial heart and my mother who encouraged my desire to learn- before the age of ten I had tried out several little businesses. I have continued to dabble in entrepreneurial style work including sales, customer service, corporate training, higher education enrollment and adult student engagement. The inspiration for HD Professional Development was born from my passion for access and inclusion and my knack for coaching others during career path exploration, researching and developing professional development content for adult learners and my formal training in adult teaching and learning, instructional design, career development, program evaluation and assessment. I have presented at national and regional conferences including American Evaluation Association, Western Association of Graduate Schools, and NASPA, the Student Affairs Administrators of Higher Education. I also have conducted action research for the University I work for currently. I have also begun my academic publishing career and have published my first academic article in the Journal of Career Development with colleagues of mine in May 2016.

My Goal and Mission

aubreena_deforestMy goal is to do my best to take the guess work out of cultivating career success and satisfaction. I do this by partnering with you to leverage my expertise in adult teaching and learning, assessment and career development to design effective strategies and connect you with useful resources that can assist you in navigating workplace learning challenges, identifying career growth pathways and crafting sustainable career satisfaction.

My Credentials and Qualifications

Aubreena earned her masters in Educational Leadership from University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO in 2010. A bachelors of science in Business Administration and Public Administration and an associates in Marketing from Hawaii Pacific University, Oahu, HI in 2008. Aside from the academic coursework taken during her programs, she has taken  Graduate level course work in Career Theory and Assessment, Program Evaluation and Assessment and undergraduate courses in Adult Teaching and Learning. As wells and attended several professional development training’s in teaching and learning pedagogy, online instructional design including Quality Matters, learning outcomes assessment.