Coaching Sessions

What is it? Coaching sessions are as unique as you are. They are one hour, one-on-one strategy sessions where we collaborate together on a topic of interest. Examples of topics include work/life integration, workplace conflict (ethical, interpersonal), exploring higher education options, making the “ask” for more workplace responsibility or professional development opportunity, salary negotiation, exploring a potential career transition or even preparing your exit in a bridge building way.

Why might you want it?  You may be interested in Coaching sessions if you are  looking for third-party unbiased feedback about a workplace predicament, a safe place to dialog about difficult work situations involving a co-worker(s) or supervisor(s). Or more simply, you just need some supportive guidance and/or professional development coaching that will help you pave the way for your next great professional opportunity.

Prospective Job Skills Transferability Analysis

What is it? A Prospective Job Analysis is analysis of your work history to identify your areas of expertise and skills transferability. As well as any potential professional development gaps in relation to a prospective job of interest’s qualifications.

Why might I want it? A Prospective Job Analysis may be what you are looking for if you are interested in transitioning into the next level of your career and are looking for some feedback about how you might stack up among the competition. Or maybe you are considering exiting one field and entering another and are curious about what it will take to take the plunge. Finally this is also perfect for the long-term goal setters, a Prospective Job Analysis can be a great way to organize short-term and long term goals to pave your way to your dream job.

Document and Method Development and Critiques

What is it? Critiques include an Initial Consultation, analysis and feedback of one or more of your job search document(s) or method(s). E.g., documents critique: curriculum vitae, resume, cover letter, social media presence professional portfolios; methods critique job search strategy or interview skills.

Why would I want it? You might be interested in a critique of one or more of your job search documents or methods  if you are nearing an active job search or currently in an active job search and are struggling to land a job interview or job offer. Maybe you are interested in tailored interview day preparation support or need help developing an effective job search strategy.

Prospective Higher Education Degree Cost Analysis

What is it? Higher Education Degree Cost Analysis is about partnering with  you to  explore potential degree programs in a evidenced based way. Using the information gathered in an Initial Consultation,  I will develop a customized report that includes an analysis of whats most important to you in relation to items such as cost/opportunity-cost, time to completion, fit, prospective job opportunities, life style in relation to your identified prospective degree program or field of study.

Why would I want it? You maybe interested in this approach if you prefer to use well researched information to make decisions, are somewhat unsettled about whether going back to school right now is right for you. Or if you are considering returning to school after a long hiatus and are interested in making a financially sound decision that includes trying to identify the path that’s right for you.

Interests, Values, Personality and Environment (P&E) Fit  Assessments

What is it? Career assessment tools can be used to illuminate paths and explore unclear aspects of career fit in conjunction with a coaching session.

Examples of assessments used include: Myers Briggs I & II, Strong’s Interest Inventory, Holland’s typology, values, dual career couple and vocational sorts.

Why would I want it?  You may want to take an assessment to gain a clearer understanding of how you can improve work-life balance, career fit or accommodate your career due to a  change in life-role composition.