“In an era of constant change, HD Professional Development is about helping you develop strong self-advocacy skills so that you can take control of your professional development and career aspirations to build a thoughtful and strategic plan that you are empowered to execute. My passion for professional growth and career access has inspired HD Professional Development, a professional development coaching and consulting service.” Bree DeForest, Professional Development Coach and Consultant

What’s in it for you?

As I have a strong commitment to cultivating self-advocacy, promoting access and developing cost conscious solutions that are connected to your career goals and professional development needs. HD Professional Development seeks to empower you to make decisions that pave the way for proactive engagement in your career development process by properly assessing needs, partnering with you to develop a strategy that is the best fit for you and supporting you along the way with proper resources, coaching and celebration of success. I value honesty, transparency and have a genuine care and concern not only for what your goals are, but how you get there.