Rescheduling Appointments and Missed Appointments

Notify HD Professional Development, LLC by email or phone at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment will be missed or need rescheduled. Please let me know when you wish to reschedule.

Nature of Content and Services Provided

Content provided or shared by HD Professional Development, LLC through the various delivery mechanisms including but not limited to website, electronic media, web-based media, coaching sessions, classes, or workshops, materials is intended for educational purposes only. The information and advice offered are not a substitute for professional advice from a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, counselor or therapist of any kind.

Liability Statement

Content and services delivered by HD Professional Development, LLC are shared in good faith. Individual results will inevitably vary and thus can never be guaranteed. How you choose to apply the information  obtained through participation in services and accessing content provided by HD Professional Development, LLC  and the consequences as a result are of your own volition and you are fully liable for loss or cost incurred by you, or any person related or associated with you.In addition, HD Professional Development, LLC holds no responsibility or liability for the actions, choices, or decisions taken or made by you. Nothing in the services or content provided by HD Professional Development, LLC shall be considered legal, financial, or actuarial advice nor should it applied as such.

Age Limitations

Services and content delivered by HD Professional Development, LLC are for adults 18 or older. Any coaching for a minor will ONLY be done with the express written consent of the minor’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s), and ONLY after an initial consultation involving both the minor and the parent(s) or legal guardian(s).


All information collected on behalf of the client is considered confidential. The information collected will be used for routine and agreed upon business purposes only. Your personal identifiable information is never sold, traded, or given away. In the event you or a member(s) of  HD Professional Development, LLC whose safety is threaten or endangered HD Professional Development. LLC and its member(s) are obligated to refer and/or call the appropriate professional service for assistance, and HD Professional Development, LLC is indemnified of any civil liability related to such instance.

Rights to Refuse Service

Inappropriate Client Conduct: Professional Development, LLC has a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate and persistent negative behavior or misconduct including but not limited to behavior that is deemed threatening, derogatory, unsolicited and are considered a threat to the very purpose of  professional collaborative relationship between the Client and Career and Professional Development Coach/Consultant. Therefore, such behavior is grounds for termination of client-coach relationship and services agreement, with out refund.

HD Professional Development reserves the right to refuse service for any reason at any time.